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August 20 2011

August 19 2011

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Barbie girl

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Created by kingdomwithoutthekey

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[Full Fancam] 110817 INSPRIT 1st 창단식 Crying - 호야&동우


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110817 Infinite - Amazing

August 18 2011

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[Full Fancam] 110817 INSPRIT 1st 창단식 Because - 김성규 솔로

August 17 2011

doojoon killed my tumblr appleface identity package

….tempted to change my url too…hmmm….

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110816 SM & TRUE entertainment Conference in Thialand

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Minho accidentally bumped into taemin :D

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this set pretty much sums up Doowoon: they’re dorky together until Dongwoon takes it too far and Doojoon gets second-hand embarrassed.

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